Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions Anchor Expert used in this agreement shall each have the meanings attributed to them in this document: “Agreement” refers to these Terms and Conditions, the Statement Of work, and any footnotes, as well as the explanations of the Services, Terms of Use, and Payment Terms. 

The SEO and Link Building contract is essential for the promotion of the activity of a company on the internet. Between mandate contracts and business contracts, it is difficult to attach to a single category of contracts. Its specific terms make it a contract with complex drafting which must be the subject of particular attention.


The contract governs the legal relationship between the service provider in charge of SEO and link building and the client who wishes to improve the visibility and audience of his/her website.

SEO consists of ensuring the ranking of a website on the results page of search engines (SERPs) and in particular, Google, which is the most used by Internet users.

Must be distinguished

Natural Link Building is obtained without compensation from the search engine and which uses specific techniques (keywords, external and internal links, etc.); Paid Backlinking is obtained by buying advertisements or sponsored links from search engines (Google AdWords for example). The SEO contract is the agreement by which a client entrusts a service provider with ensuring the ranking of his/her site on the search engine results pages in order to improve its visibility and its audience.

As in any contract, the parties must define together the terms of its execution and the extent of their respective obligations. As in all contracts, contractual obligations weigh on each of the contracting parties. They are defined by the parties, who are free to define them jointly. Their formulation has an impact on the legal responsibilities of each party in the proper performance of the contract.

Contractual obligation

Depending on the agreement of the parties, the contractual obligation of the referrer is more or less important. The latter may be bound by an obligation of means or of the result. Thus, when the latter has made every effort to improve the visibility of the client’s website, it has fulfilled its contractual mission.

The referrer can be committed, on the contrary, to achieving a specific result in the referencing contract. In this case, if the result cannot be observed, its contractual liability may be sought by the client.

Customer’s obligations

The referencing contract is a synallagmatic contract, that is to say that it engages the two contractual parties. In return for the performance of the referencing service, the client agrees to pay the price. More generally, it should not hinder the action of SEO. For this, he/she must, on the one hand, provide him with all the information useful for the realization of his/her referencing service. On the other hand, he/she must perform the contract in good faith. Good faith makes it possible to limit abuse during the performance of the contract.

It is essential to precisely define the content of the contractual mission. Beyond the characterization of the essential obligation of the contract, it is advisable to be attentive to the drafting of all the contractual clauses of the referencing contract.

Whatever the type of referencing chosen, the service must be described in a clear and precise manner, in order to limit the legal risks linked to the imprecision of the contract.

Contract terms 

If the essential obligation of the contract must be well defined, you must not neglect the drafting of the other clauses which govern the execution of the contract. The duration of the contract must be precisely determined. The SEO contract can be of instantaneous execution, or of successive duration so that the service provider can follow the procedure and the new evolutions of SEO. The terms of termination of the SEO or Link Building contract must also be included in the contract.

In addition, the service provider must advise the customer and report to him on his choices, whether in terms of keywords, or external links.

Payment Terms 

Except otherwise agreed upon at Anchor Expert’s discretion, the Client undertakes to purchase the Products and Solutions in whole before the beginning of work on the Proposed Project. Invoices must be paid within Seven (7) business days after the invoice’s date.

SEO algorithm is constantly evolving. It is difficult to master its contours and to be up to date with the latest advances in this area. If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us to assist you in the development of your contract with Anchor Expert.